SD Card Speed Testing * updated November 2018

Update 11-22-2018

** Added results of the newest cards I have received a 32Gb Extreme Plus from GoPro when I bought my Hero 7 Black, and two Samsung Evo Select 128Gb cards, one i was using in my Hero 5 Black, and one i got on sale recently for $20!, i also picked up a 64GB Evo Select for $10, and for the price these are pretty top performers!

to recap all tests were done were aggregated though 6 runs, three through Winsat, and three using BlackMagic DST and averaged to a combined score.

full results can be seen here:

Original Post :

I have a bunch of SD and MicroSD cards and cameras, and im not positive which one to use in which camera.

In the old GoPros the slower bitrates of 12-15Mbps didnt leave much to desire from SD card speeds, yeah it was important, but with my GoPro Hero 3 Black running up to 45Mbps, being as glitchy as it is, its already really finicky with crashes and bugs, the last thing i want to do is set it to record at a bitrate faster than the SD can handle.

For reference i found this info at a post for the Hero 3 Black:
4K-15 (protune): 3.2 hrs @ 45 Mbps
4K-cin-12 (protune): 3.2 hrs @ 45 Mbps
2.7k cin-24: 3.2 hrs @ 45Mbps
2.7k-30: 3.2 hrs @ 45 Mbps
1080-60: 4.8 hrs @ 30 Mbps
1080-48: 4.8 hrs @ 30Mbps
1080-30: 7.2 hrs @ 20 Mbps
1440-48: 4.8 hrs @ 30 Mbps
1440-30: 7.2 hrs @ 20 Mbps
960-100: 4.8 hrs @ 30 Mbps
720-120: 4.8 hrs @ 30 Mbps
720-60: 7.2 hrs @ 20 Mbps

Of course i dont know what those time estimates are for as my gopro only seems to record 20-30 minutes on 1080-60, but the real info is the high write speeds required to put that video down to file on the card.

My Xiaomi Yi on Waffle 8.2 Script is running a 35Mbps script, and the GoPro Hero 4 Black running at 60MBps the need for fast SD cards is more and more important in order to ensure the cameras dont shut down or corrupt video files trying to keep up with saving video to the card. Who knows what bitrate the Yi 2 4K will run or the Hero 5?

I ran all the cards i had on hand through BlackMagic DST, USBDeview, CrystalDiskMark, and winsat disk using a Lexar LRWM03U-7000 USB 3.0 Card Reader in the USB 3.0 Port of a Intel NUC 5i3RYK with a Samsung 256GB M.2 NVMe SSD

Cards tested:

2GB SanDisk OEM unlabeled
32GB Patriot –  UHS-I
32GB Samsung EVO –  UHS-I
64GB SanDisk Ultra  – UHS-I
64GB Lexar 633x – UHS-III
64GB Samsung EVO – UHS-III
64GB SanDisk Extreme – UHS-I
64GB SanDisk Extreme Plus – UHS-III

The Results are not fully complete, but i will update it as i get all the numbers in.
Screenshot 2016-06-07 14.27.14

The big thing i noticed is that until you get into MicroSD cards that Specify UHS-III then according to the numbers listed, they wont be able to handle higher bitrate video recording this could be alot of the reason why there was so many problems and crashes when i first got my GoPro Hero 3 Black and I was using the SanDisk Ultra thinking it would support the higher bitrates as they were supposed to be rated for 10MB/s (80Mbps) but the reality it was like USB 2.0, it was supposed to be able to reach 480Mbps but in reality most transfers i tend to average about 150Mbps. Things get further complicated when you realize the differences between MB/s and Mbps, or the fact that a SD like the Sandisk Extreme saying “speeds of 80MB/s” but in reality its the read speed and not the write speeds.

Screenshot 2016-06-07 14.24.00

So you Definitely get what you pay for, and you shouldn’t pay attention to just what i written on the boxes because thats misleading for the most part. For the most part if your doing 1080 make sure you at least get a UHS-I rating, and if your doing 4k video your gonna want a UHS-III rated card.

One extra note on the Lexar 633X, the exact model number for my Lexar which is listed as a UHS-III is now being shown and labeled as a UHS-I rated card, not sure if they labeled it wrong, or got caught lying and had to change it or what…


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