Rick and Morty Soundpack for Taranis QX7

A few months ago I wanted some custom sound files for my Taranis QX7 because come on, whats the purpose of having openTX and customizable files if you can make it your own. So since I was big into Rick and Morty at the time I decided to make a RM sound pack, after not really finding anything i went through and found a couple sound clip packs for games and got a good amount, but i still wanted more, so i went through a bunch of episodes to try to fill in the spaces, and then had to convert them all in audacity to the right format, rate and all that, so it took a while.


To be honest i got distracted and forgot about it, but i thought i would at least get out what i had done so far, the numbering is good enough, the countdown timer should be ricks voice from 30, 20, 10 and the 10 countdown, however im missing 5 & 8 i believe, after flying with it you dont really notice too much. but i bought the seasons and will be going through episode by episode looking for those numbers, if you see rick say 5 or 8 in any episode do me a solid and let me know which episode and time.

The Zip file is like 75Mb (71.3Mb) so hosting was a pain, it’ll be on mega for now.

Video samples


Link is here for now (update, new link as i went through the files for the video i noticed some files were quiet so i raised those up a bit, and some files were stereo and not mono so i had to change those, i also removed a few files that didn’t need to be in there.):



Do Note this is not a complete package, It is assumed that you already have the OpenTX soundpack installed, MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR ORIGINAL FOLDER, ESPECIALLY YOUR SYSTEM FOLDER

To Install

Step 1: Download file above should be about 75MB (new size is approx 71.3)

Step 2 : Extract .Zip file, use whatever you want, zip should work anywhere but i personally used 7z

Step 3: plug your Qx7 into your computer OR pull the SD card out and plug it into your computer

Step 4: copy whatever files you want from the en folder to the \SOUNDS\en folder on your SD card

Step 5: Copy the \EN\SYSTEM  files into your SOUNDS\en\SYSTEM folder on your SD card

Step 7: Unplug your Tx from your computer OR remove the SD card and reinsert it into your Tx.

Step 8: Boot up


Step 9: Configure your switches to play sounds you can follow a good post from Oscar Liang here for more detailed post until i can get my QX7 in my hands. Basically you go to Special Functions screen select a SF, and flick the switch you want and it will change to that switch, then change the function to Play Track or BgMusic if you use one of the 0Song1.wav files i threw in there. For BgMusic i used a  three way switch, assigned two positions to play two different songs, then i assigned the third position to nothing so the songs will stop playing(ill post a screenshot of my exact setup soon.).

Step 10: Test: flick all the switches, make sure what you did works.

Step 11: Help: Let me know if one of the files was saved wrong and doesn’t play, or if there is a specific quote you want me to add to the pack. I tried to label certain ones like Hello1, hello2, hello3 for alternative bootup sounds, just replace the Hello in System with that new file and rename it hello.wav, same goes for bye.wav, those are your greeting and shutdown sounds, just place any file from the en folder with the file you want in the SYSTEM folder but make sure you never change the name of a file in the SYSTEM folder or it wont work.

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  1. You are awesome mate! I got these on my new Xlite along with Amber sounds. Would be amazing if it was more of the notifications cross-linked or maybe we can get Justin Roiland to do some voiceovers 😎

  2. Can u make the opent tx screen sound wubba-lubba-dub-dub? and has this been updated yet? i see this post is from feb.

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