FrSky R-XSR First Impressions

This was one of those orders where its been so long that I somewhat forgot that I had ordered it. So when i opened the mailbox today and found a padded envelope from FPVHQ i was pretty excited to see what i got.

Of course i was so excited i ripped the package open before even taking a picture,  but Lemmie tell you, FrSky never ceases to astonish me on how small they can make these receivers, your talking 0402 smd parts that make rice look large. This thing is small, how small? The package says 16mm x 11mm small. As you can see above the not that old XSR looks like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar standing next to Danny DeVito.

I figured its gotta be the same or similar size as the XM+ if not larger, since its essentially the XM+ with telemetry, its gotta be bigger right?

Wrong, its about the same width but shorter length wise, only really because the connector adds another 2 or so milimeters. Pretty impressive that they can make a full range 16CH reciever with dual antennas, telemetry, s-bus, smartport and even a pretty impressive voltage input range of 3.5V-20V and make it smaller than thier smallest XM+ reciever.

Since I haven’t hooked it up just yet this whole article really is just first impressions on its size and comparison of its larger siblings, but you gotta really gotta realize the changes in technology in the last two or three years since i started in late 2014-early 2105 the size of the receiver alone as reduced dramatically. how much? i was able to line up the last few generations of FrSky receivers i have had (all but the X4R-SB which is currently inside a quad) and you can really see how far technology has come.


Just for fun i threw the smallest receiver i have on the largest quad i have, if you look really hard on the strap you can see it sitting there.

I look forward into throwing this into one of my quads and seeing how it performs, but seeing as how every FrSky receiver i have owned just worked and never really given me any range issues, there shouldn’t be much to check when it comes to performance.

You can get the new R-XSR from FPVHQ where i got it

or you can also get it from Banggood


and im also looking into getting one of the new FrSky AIO Flight controllers with Built in Reciever.

check those out:





Disclaimer: Nothing here was given to me, nothing was gifted, i paid for this with my own money to use on my own parts, there are no sponsorships or relationships to related companies, I do this for me and to share with you and others similar to share knowledge. If you would like provide something for me to review, test or check out you can send me a pm on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and I will reply.


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