GoPro Hero5 Dual battery charger AADBD-001


The Hero5 Black is out and the battery is better than my old Hero3 Black, but nothing lasts forever and my hero5 just doesnt seem to have the stamina that my Yi2 battery seems to have. Seeing as how our annual Pismo trip is coming up, i need to be prepared to be somewhat off grid as we camp in the sand dunes for three days with only a few stints of generator and maybe some charging from the car to get us through. I wanted to purchase this through GoPro’s website so i can utilize the 20% off that GoPro Plus offers but it seems like everything is either “coming soon” or “out of stock”. Whether if this is intentional via artificial hype, a lack or supply to sell, or possibly they want to try to let everyone’s free 60 days run out before they release all the stock, all i know is that its out of stock, it hasn’t been, and I have checked daily since release. So until then I turned to local brick an mortar options.

Targets website said not avail online, to ship, or even in store, but on a hunch i just went anyways, one location had the super charger and various accessories, but no dual charger. Then i went to another target and bingo.


**Update, i started article a year ago, and most of what i wrote is kinda null by now, so just for the interest of getting things out there im going to just finish it up and throw it out there with pics.

Case Pics

Item Pics

More item pics with some charging info


Long story short, its convenient especially when you need to charge spares, the charge rate seems slower than individually charging but its most likely splitting the voltage and parallel charging both batteries, so thats to be expected, i need to try it in a few high amp chargers to see if it will take a faster charge but until i get a supercharger if i ever do, its more convenience than speed with this charger.



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