VTX shopping comparisons

So the cheap China VTX I bought for the 3/4in was a dud and didn’t output anything, so I’m looking for another Video Transmitter (VTX) for my mini quad. I currently use a Team Blacksheep Unify Pro HV Race (thats a long name) for my main quad an I know it works and works well, so for lack of better options as well as knowing it will just work I’m looking for another unify pro. First theres the problem of which one, does the Pro HV Race compare to the V2 and what about the Pro HV?

TBS has this chart but it’s feels almost oversimplified and i also felt it should list the prices because that’s pretty important, is having the 500 and 800mw options worth the extra $10 at the cost of having your provide our own regulated voltage at 5V along with a LC filter if needed, and is it worth $20 more (a ~66.75% increase in price over the RACE model) to have all the features in what one could only assume is a full featured version of the RACE which is possibly a software/firmware limited version of the same thing? We won’t know unless I order one of each and compare right? 

So onto looking for where to order from, I just happened to have a little bit of Amazon credit in my Amazon account, and since almost all of the listings I seen on Amazon were grossly overpriced or not “Prime” it was a nice welcome that a few of the companies I looked at actually had Amazon checkout, def a bonus. 

Of all the places I looked the quickest shippers (NewBeeDrone, and FPVHQ) have always had thier shipments to me within a day or two, unfortunately that also means I have to pay taxes on that item as they are both in state. I thought RotorRiot would have been out of CA also but thier whois shows them as registered in Canada (on second look from thier site they are showing Ohio as an address) , which leaves me guesing on where it’s going to be shipped from. Ordering direct from TBS seems like it would make sense but they are both out of stock as well as the last two times I ordered from them it took 2-4 days to even ship then another week or so to ship. GetFPV and pyrodrone were the cheapest but are also out of stock. I have about a week until I need it so it’s the gamble, do I go with rotor riot and guess when they ship and how long or just pay the extra $5 and get it prob by sat with FPVHQ? 

I contacted RotorRiot about shipping and it’s out of  “New Philadelphia, OH, USA” so it’s in the us but on the east coast, so that’s gonna add some time to shipping. Thanks gain for Rotor Riot to respond within few minutes, if I had the extra time I would have ordered from them since I never ordered there before, but I know FPVHQ, it’s almost bicycle distance from my house I only wish I didn’t have to pay just under 10% of the order price for shipping my order 4mi away. 

I ended up ordering from FPVHQ and just a heads up, If you have Amazon credit it doesn’t apply in Amazon Pay when using Amazon Pay through shopify, I guess it needs to be something from actual Amazon, bummer. 

I snap pics and try to update later to compare the RACE and non race versions after I get the new vtx. 

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