Quick D-Clips for molle bags from Strix 

While looking for more upgrades for my Fatsharks (update soon?, Hopefully) and while cruising around readymaderc I came across these pretty neat D-clips for tactical style backpacks that have MOLLE type straps. 

So happens my Lowepro backpack has model straps that’s ive been using along with a large 24″ Nite Ize Gear Tie to wrap around which has worked great for quick fastening of my quads but was a little loose at times and I was getting concerned that my quads were getting beat up a but as I moved my backpack around.

These new D-clips looked very promising, I wasn’t sure they would fit but turns out they fit perfectly. 

It does have a little issue fitting around the ESCs but I have a feeling that because I have the landing pads on the other side taking up room, they slide into place pretty easy and feel pretty snug like they shouldnt have much issue falling off at all and the clips snap into place awith  satisfying SNAP that lets you know it’s closed for sure and it’s not like half closed or anything like  that.

 I have room for the second 4″ quad to fit and not touch the floor when I place the bag down which is cool, it seems to work when I have it clipped to the rear arms but I have to see if it would need support on the top area. Otherwise a neat little combo that will help save time when I’m transporting my quads around with the props on and ready to fly. 

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