Xiaomi Yi Action camera Waffle script

*Update: Thought i posted this a while ago?

Picked up the Xiaomi Yi a few months ago to fly my Quadcopters with and not risk my expensive GoPro H3 Black, but I’ve come to love this camera, it’s getting to be my go to camera, the low light seems better than the H3 ( hey I should do a showdown video comparison!) the video is comparable quality vs the h3, the battery life is awesome, the charge rate is way faster, and the price, what can I say, that’s the kicker, I could buy 6 Yi cameras for the price of one Hero4, and I love GoPro but they have been sitting on their laurels for the past two or three years (get with it GoPro!) and I haven’t seen a need to spend $500 to get an h4 which looks identical to my h3b with minor updates, they changed the battery again so I would have to buy new ones (but the h3b I can get batteries for as low as $2 these days) the night mode seems ok but the Yi can do that and the battery life still seems mediocre.

Enough rambling, the real purpose of this post is that if the Yi isn’t great already, the Waffle script makes it awesome, yeah it can be a pain in the field if you don’t have a tablet or computer available to move script files back and forth, but as simple as copying two files to the root folder of your Yi and you get 35Mbps bitrates (if your SD can handle it, they also have other slower bitrate scripts) sharper video, super view, flat Protune like coloring and a option for night mode.

Here is a recent video I uploaded while at pismo beach riding at night, maybe 10-11pm with no moon in the back dunes where there is no ambient light, basically pitch black, if I had my GoPro with me I’m sure it wouldn’t have even picked up much but I guess I’ll have to do a comparison video later.

Sure there is some grain and it’s not the best but we’re talking no ambient light and almost no light besides the lighted whips, headlamps and light bars.

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