LiPo battery observations

So I recently got a nice kitchen scale as well as two new LiPo batteries for my Quadcopter and Hexacopter. The new Graphine 2200mah battery from hobbyking is nice comes in a great little pouch inside of a padded box, etc. but I’ve heard a lot of grumbles about extra weight and hype and such. So I have his new scale, why not map out the different weights of all the batteries I have and compare the rest of their stats and see if there is any interesting data that comes from it.

First I weighed every battery I had:

And now the data:

I’ve sorted the data by Grams per Watt Hour by dividing the Watt Hours by the weight, but when you look what correlates with it, you notice the C rating rolls right down the line with the g/Wh rating, for packs with not a sure number like the Turnigy nano-tech you can get an idea that that number is more in the 35-40C rating by where it falls in line. So although the Graphene is heavy, it’s not the heaviest battery, suprisingly the Multistar is heavier than the Graphene 2200 and the Multistar Racer is only a 1400mAh pack.

This may be old news to most people but it really helped me realize that extra few bucks for a quality battery is worth it and it also helped  me get a good idea of where my packs stand as far as the claimed C rating and the most likely C rating as noted with the cheap “Lion Power” battery.

My specific numbers may not be exact and I wouldn’t suggest you take the numbers I got for the batteries you have, what I do suggest is that others map out their batteries also just like this especially if you have some random cheap batteries or maybe your curious as to why you just spent $40-50 on a battery vs the $6 battery with similar specs, you might be surprised or maybe you’ll just confirm that your money was well spent.

**Update July 2016:

Ive since added the extra batteries i have gotten and expanded the chart a bit to allow me to figure out what batteries will work with my quadcopters and which ones should work with my hexacopter, so i dont go and puff anymore batteries.

Screenshot 2016-07-21 10.00.31

The Graphene were my fav batteries but right now those Nanoforce 4s 1800mah 75-150c Drone Racing Series Lipos are taking all the heck my hexacopter can throw at it.

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