Peak Design Capture Pro Camera Clip : UPDATED 1-19-2016

Ive been looking around at alternative options for carrying my Sony A65 that don’t involve me dangling it from a strap around my neck and having it hit everything as i bend over to grab my daughter or something that fell on the floor. I went to a wedding in Hawaii about a year or two ago and I noticed the photographer had her cameras hip mounted, the image stuck with me as she shot a few pictures with her FF camera with telephoto lens and then clipped it to her hip and grabbed another camera on the other side of her hip that had a prime lens on it. The speed of grabbing it, taking a photo and and placing it back on her hip was astounding and the way she was able to move about with both hands free to move items, setup equipment and position items just seemed like it made so much sense.

I searched the internet and the closest setup I could find to what i saw was the SpiderPro Dual Camera System


Pretty sweet little setup, but for $235 i was looking for something in my more “hobbiest” price range, if you know what I mean. Further “Googling” had me come across the Peak Design Capture PRO Camera Clip with ARCA Plate, this neat little Kickstarter backed setup


Check it out on Amazon Here

I’m gonna do a little more studying, but I’m not 100% convinced. To be updated…


EDIT: 1-19-2016

Its been two years and i totally forgot about this, however just before going to CES  I wandered over into the local Frys Electronics and saw they had a sale on PolarPro products and was able to pick up this PolarPro StrapMount for $19.99


I strapped it onto my backpack, Flew to Las Vegas, worked the entire CES show with it on my backpack and of course…. I never used it, not once. Going through security at the airport i didn’t want them to hassle me so i unclipped the GoPro and left it in my bag and forgot about it. During the show they increased security and didn’t really allow bags in from what i understood so i left it in the hotel room and didn’t use it all week because I didn’t have my bag with me.

So is it cool, yeah, in theory its great, it is some form of plastic, similar to the carbon feeling plastic on my RC cars, it has nice aluminum knobs shown in blue, the GoPro Quick release is a bit hard to get off but that is a good thing as I don’t want it shaking or jiggling about.

It’ll have to wait until future trips until I can really get good use of it, but im kind of glad i didn’t pay the full price of the Peak clip.



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