Trying to 3D Print Ice Molds

Kind of was bored a few days ago so i decided it would be neat to make a ice mold, we already have sphere molds, and a 2 inch cube mold, so I decided to make a Torus/Donut ice mold.

Modled a quick Torus in 3DsMax 2015 and a rectangle box

then i exported it to STL and imported it into Repetier and sliced it
1 2

Then set it to print out on my Printrbot LC V2 with some new PLA Filament I got from Thorivola that was recommended to me by Cokreeate on instagram. the new Filament is a sort of metallic silver color.

20140605_062056329_iOS 20140605_063642827_iOS 20140605_063801812_iOS

It took about an hour to print, here is a video

I filled it with some filtered water and put it in the freezer and checked it in the morning. Unfortunately when i printed it i printed it with a high infill, about 70-80% trying to make sure it was waterproof, however that also made it super stiff which meant i cant bend the piece enough to pop the ice out without it shattering. so ill have to go back to the board and try again later.


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