3D Printed Grenade Launcher Part 3 – Let there be Light!

So a quick update on the 3D Printed Grenade Launcher accessory attachment for my Spyder MRX Paintball gun, i had a 1.5 Watt LED laying around and a momentary contact SPST panel mount style push button switch so i drilled a hold in the back of the mount and stuck the switch, the, printed out a holder to hold the LED in place, and wired it all up to a 9V battery inside, the light is rated from 9-12V so its not the brightest it can be, but its still pretty bright. and the button is hidden behind the forward grip enough to not be accidentally triggered but accessible enough to hit with out taking my hand off the grip.

Heres a couple pics i was able to get.

These are from the model in 3DS Max
grenada-render8F grenada-render5F

and here are some shot of it on the gun
20140228_092144114_iOS 20140515_170252739_iOS 20140228_092347364_iOS 20140228_092326090_iOS 20140228_092320105_iOS 20140228_092241112_iOS


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