More Printrbot Upgrades…

Finally got a chance to install the longer 12in rods leftover from the Z rods I cut down to 24in, but to install them i needed a longer Y-axis bed to extend it all. I laser cut one from acrylic and took advantage to extend the adjustable bed size longer and wider as well. Unfortunately i need to find out a way to mount the heat platform, so until then its no heated beds and the heater is really only there for looks and for slight warming, but nothing really useful.






Of course using the area is another story, I initially ran into a similar issue when I replaced the stock 10in Z rods with 24in rods and realized the firmware was blocking me out at around 130-140ish, the Z was blocking my out at around the same area. I remember Printrbot sending me a tweet before when I mentioned the Z restriction about using the unified firmware (found here ) but i never got around to testing it out. So I figured it was time to get to it.


The installation of the new firmware was quite a breeze actually, getting into DFU was allot easier than ios devices, and reflashing was way easier than most of my Android roots ive done before. Instructions can be found here on Printrbots website. Once that is done its as easy as firing up Repetier, clicking on “Manual Control” tab and typing something along the line of “M211 X100 Y100 Z115” in the little box that says “G-Code:” and then following it up by “M500” to save the new setting, a quick check to verify is to type in the code “M501” all this is of course explained in the printrbot website instruction set linked above.

Final print area is approximatly 130mm X 220mm X 150mm, the Z height should be higher but there still seems to be some sort of harware limit capping the Z axis at 150.


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