Multi-Colored ABS Juice/slurry – Part 2

After sitting overnight the initial soak of the acetone was looking good on the bits I cut off.

I added more acetone and let it sit some more. the results were looking pretty good, and kind of neat looking at the same time, check out inside!
I added just a bit more acetone to the fill but not too much, I wanted to see how it went progressively as I added more and more. I also added a bottle of black to the mix, I had already had a bottle of black, but it wasn’t true black it was my initial slurry with all the colors that I ended up adding a lot of black to and it has a kind of blackish brown hue to it, so what’s one more bottle while I’m at it.
After a a day or so it was like a really thick jello so I topped the whole bottle off with acetone and waited some more.
After a day or so I ended up with some thin colored acetone but the majority of the original mass was still somewhat solid on the bottoms, no matter how much shaking I couldn’t get the mass to break up that much. I tried over the next few days to keep shaking it hoping it would eventually break apart but not much progress.
After about a week I broke down and stuck a stick inside and stirred them around and that seemed to make a big difference, the bottom still has buildup of ABS on the sides but the juice is pretty thin but consistently colored when spread.
Going to let it settle a bit more and when I finish with my PLA prints I’ll try it out.

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