3D Printed Grenade Launcher Part 2

Feeling that the original print was a little short so set out to model an extension piece that will slide onto the current piece.

I went into Autodesk 3dsMax, my goto design utility and just take the original shape, extrude it longer and then take the original design and punch that inner shape out of the inside of the bottom of the new piece so that it should fit inside of then new extension tube.

i also did a few renders to compare scale and get an idea of how it would look after.

Set it to print and left it overnight to finish. this print was about 4 and a half hours.
I occasionally checked in on it with my D-Link Cloud camera from my bed.
The final outcome was pretty nice.
and the fit was nice and snug.

Fit on the gun was a little bit loose, but otherwise pretty good looking.

on the next post Ill describe my thoughts going forward for the piece, whether or not i want it to be purely aesthetic, or functional as some sort of working attachment for the gun…

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